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Is My Husband Cheating? - 4 Hi-Tech Things to Check

Infidelity has been around for just as long as we have had marriages but answering the question 'is my husband cheating' is not the same as it was thousands of years ago nor even just 5 or 10 years ago due to the changes in technology and how we live our lives.

Beyond your woman's intuition and obvious clues here are 5 ways to check if you have a modern cheating husband.

Cell Phone

Phones are amazing repositories of knowledge, you can look at call logs, sms messages as well as images, movies and other things. Unless you take time to clean your phone of evidence there are many ways to find suspicious activities in a cell phone. If you have checked and found nothing there is another more subtle hint ... was the phone too clean? If they are constantly erasing everything on their phone this is also very suspicious.

The Computer

A mans computer is also jam packed with information about their internet browsing habits, emails, downloads and more. Internet files may be cleaned up easily and often are even by faithful husbands just keeping things neat but it is hard to erase all evidence. Try viewing hidden folders by setting them to viewable in the folder options (on a windows machine), this can reveal folders they may want to be discrete about. You can also see cached internet information that is often hard to find buried in the windows directories if you look hard enough.

USB sticks

Another place men store information that might be incriminating is on their USB drives, easy to transport and useful for downloading files off your computer you may want to hide USB sticks may contain some clues also.

Social Networking Sites

If your husband uses social networking sites like facebook just viewing the page may reveal some clues, has some new female friends added him as a friend recently that you do not know, does this make you think is my husband cheating? Viewing from his login if you know it may reveal more that is hidden.

If these hi-tech information searches have aroused suspicion about your husbands faithfulness click below to find out the complete guide on how to catch a cheating spouse red handed.

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